Jun 23, 2015

The other day I was scanning a guest list for place cards when I saw the name “George Clooney.” (And yes, I almost peed my pants a little.) I excitedly called my husband over and asked him if he thought it may be THE George Clooney or just a random guy also named George Clooney. When my husband (who has much fancier taste than I do) saw the guest list he said, “Yes! George Clooney is the spokesperson for Omega Watches.”

Omega Place Card


Needless to say that I wrote and rewrote George Clooney’s place card seven times until it was ABSOLUTELY as perfect as humanly possible. (Because obviously he was going to take it home and frame it…just kidding.)

Everything was a whirlwind. The guest list was changing by the minute. I didn’t do traditional calligraphy—I worked with the client to create a futuristic serif look and feel. I wrote out the last place card four hours before the event. It was a little stressful, but so awesome and rewarding to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When I creeped on followed the #OmegaFirstWatchOnTheMoon event in real time on Twitter and Instagram, it was so surreal to see my “floating” place cards on the beautiful, outer-space-themed tables. Then, after seeing my comment on his photo, the photographer, Chettha Boyd Songthaveepol (a Thai media mogul), graciously offered to email me the photos. What?! How amazing is that?

You can see the full Omega press release here.


Omega Place Card

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